Getting inspired at the TOP Museum

Having lost my photography inspiration lately, I decided the best method to get motivated again was looking at other photographer’s art. Luckily, the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in Ebisu, which was closed due to renovation for about two years, reopened this year in September. I visited the exhibition „Top Collection: Tokyo, Tokyo and TOKYO“ and … Mehr Getting inspired at the TOP Museum

Weihnachtliche Grüße

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! ————————————————— Nachdem es mal wieder lange nichts von mir zu hören gab (Arbeit, Stress, Leben, fotografische Selbstzweifel, usw. haben dazu geführt, dass zwei Monate unerhört schnell vergangen sind…!), dachte ich, ich müsste mich jetzt, gegen Ende des Jahres doch noch einmal auf dem Blog zurückmelden 😉 Da ich ein … Mehr Weihnachtliche Grüße

Creating space

Last Friday I went to Shichirigahama beach in Kamakura to celebrate the birthday of a friend. I really love the ocean and the beach, the salty air, the sound of the waves and just having the feeling of taking a small vacation, when being there. But most of all, I am fascinated by its space, … Mehr Creating space

About my (Japanese) music career…oder so

Even though I lack any musical talent and have never been ambitious enough to really learn a music instrument (despite starting to learn the piano, flute, saxophone and violin…!), thanks to my boyfriend’s music project “Sputnik Sweetheart”, an indie pop girl band kind of thing, I was involved in making a music album! The album … Mehr About my (Japanese) music career…oder so

I got nominated for a Liebster Award :)

Vimala from the delicious-looking baking blog has nominated me for a Liebster-Award! Vielen Dank, liebe Vimala! The Liebster-Award (by the way, this is a German word meaning ‚Dearest‘) is an award from bloggers to bloggers with not-yet-so-well-known blogs. There seem to be several different rules you can follow, if you accept the award, but … Mehr I got nominated for a Liebster Award 🙂